We are here to help you achieve economic justice.

At Keegan, Keegan & Strutt we win substantial verdicts for our clients through careful, thorough trial preparation, persistence and personal involvement. In Personal Injury litigation, the best lawyer wins, and because the best lawyer is the best prepared lawyer, we are determined to be the best prepared lawyer in your Personal Injury case.

Our clients place their trust, and in many cases their whole future, in our hands. So, it's our duty to be a fierce and persistent advocate for their rights and interests. Our time spent on your behalf researching the law, working with investigators, witnesses, doctors, engineers and others is and always will be our first priority.

Some of our clients’ lives have been scorched by extraordinary tragedy. We can't take away the pain of their loss, but we have enabled many individuals to live their lives with hope, comfort, economic security and human dignity. We are proud of the difference our determination, abilities and personal involvement make in the lives of those who need us most. We are here to help you, too.