Our Support Staff

Portrait of Lisa Logel

When you call KK&S you will be greeted by our legal assistant, Lisa Logel. Lisa is a highly competent office manager who knows from years of experience that clients want to feel that they are a priority—that their needs are being addressed promptly. She is the glue that holds our firm together, and she is our primary point of contact with Medicare, Medicaid, insurance companies, medical facilities and providers, Social Security, and others. When you speak with her, she will always give you her full, personal attention. She will answer your day-to-day questions; return all phone calls and e-mails promptly; remind you of appointments; and guide you in the right direction. She is, of course, in constant communication with the attorneys, so nothing ever slips through the cracks. Your interaction with Lisa will always reinforce the fact that you've made a wise decision in hiring KK&S to represent you in your time of need.