Personal Injury Lawyers in Westchester County, White Plains, NY

When you are injured because of someone else’s negligence, because they have done something unreasonable under the circumstances, you have a right under the law to seek compensation for your injuries.

Personal injury, sometimes called a “tort” is considered a “civil” wrong. If a person injures you, because they were negligent, they may have committed a tort for which they are liable. If the injury is intentional, as in assault, that person may have also committed a crime for which they are also responsible. While criminal law is concerned with punishing wrongdoers through fines and loss of liberty, neither of which benefit you directly, tort law is concerned with compensating you financially for your loss.

Whether you are injured as a result of a trip and fall, an automobile accident, a construction accident, a faulty product, medical negligence, or even a dog bite, your injuries are considered personal injuries, each category having its own set of rules.

A successful personal injury lawsuit results in financial compensation, sometimes for your pain and suffering only, and sometimes for pain and suffering plus loss of past income and/or future earning capacity.

A personal injury law suit almost always involves issues of insurance. Insurance companies have their own lawyers who defend these lawsuits. So, you need a lawyer and a law firm dedicated to fighting for you and your rights as you seek compensation.